Rashad Evans Training With Tyrone Spong


Badr Hari vs Zabit Samedov - K-1 WGP 2013 Finale Video. Continue Reading

Video - Badr Hari vs Zabid Samedov K-1 World GP 2013


Badr Hari vs Zabit Samedov - K-1 WGP 2013 Finale Video. Continue Reading

How To Add Muscle Mass & Keep Your MMA Conditioning

How to cope with adding muscle mass and keep your mma conditioning. Superb techniques that add raise muscle and keep you in super MMA conditioning shape. In this article we will tell you how and why to do that.. Continue Reading

How To Add Muscle Mass & Keep Your MMA Conditioning

t’s 8:45 AM. The dew is still on the ground. Sweat pours from your face and stings your eyes. You hear huffing and puffing all around you. You look up and see 40 yards of open field waiting for you to conquer. You hear the whistle and let out a primordial scream. You take off and it feels like your legs are on fire and your lungs are going to burst out of your chest. You collapse as you cross the finish line. Chest heaving, legs shaking, you make it over to where your team is gathered and you take a knee. It is the end of the first practice of two-a-day #1. Continue Reading

Massive Muscle Building for Your Biceps

Welcome to The Gun Show! No, I do not mean the one where you see a lot of Battle Dress Uniform’s or old men with beards down to their chest, looking at a Luger that Rommel had strapped around his ankle. I mean The Gun Show were the armory consists of your GUNS! That’s right, your biceps and your triceps! Continue Reading

Unique MMA Core Exercises Using A Heavy Bag

Before we get to the exercises, you've got to understand the demands on the core, then you'll understand why these exercises are so good for training the core effectively for combat sports.
Although the most popular exercise for the abs is the situp or crunch, this is probably provides the least transference to improved power for a martial artist. Continue Reading

Quick MMA Fat Loss - Lose Fat with Strength Training

One of the oldest thoughts in training is that when training for fat loss, heavy weights and compound movements go out the window and high reps and circuits are in. While this is partially true, we do not want to sacrifice the hard earned muscle and strength we have built in order to get rid of fat. The best way to do this is using your assistance exercises as a means to burn fat. So do not fret as we will still be using heavy weights but we will tweak our assistance work in order to get our metabolism rolling. Continue Reading

Free E-Book! Marine Training - Boost Your Chin Up Performance

Former SWAT Commander & Executive Bodyguard, Mike Gillette is a relentless student of the human factors which allow people and MMA fighters to succeed against overwhelming odds.

In his line of work, these ‘odds’ have centered on threat management and peak performance training methods. His research and experiences have taken him through many different worlds and disciplines.
They have ultimately produced a body of knowledge which has been put to use by clients ranging from armed professionals to ordinary people who must operate in extraordinary circumstances. Continue Reading

Stair Exercises For MMA Conditioning And Aerobic Fitness

Hi there and welcome to stair exercises for MMA conditioning and aerobic fitness.
In this part I'll go over actual workouts I've used for aerobic fitness.  You can use these workouts to burn those extra calories for weight loss or to simply improve your aerobic fitness level. Continue Reading

How To Load The Squat For MMA Strength

You can load the squat with various implements according to your own strength levels. You also don't always have to use barbells, you can use sandbags, kegs, chains, bands, etc. - check out this cool article. Continue Reading

MMA Training And The Types Of Deadlifts

Here is a quick list of the different types of deadlifts, each offering its own unique benefit and carryover. Continue Reading

How To Load The Bench Press For MMA Strength

Why not think outside the box and try bench pressing with various implements, odd objects, or adding elastic bands or chains as resistance to your bench press. The bench press has got a bad rep lately, but I still consider it as a requirement for an allround training program. Continue Reading

Three Badass MMA Workout Tips

Mixed Martial Arts Strength and Conditioning for is an evolving science, getting more detailed as the popularity of the UFC, Strikeforce, Bellator, One FC and mixed-martial arts grows. Like all sports, Mixed Martial Arts athletes must dedicate themselves to workouts and training that will take them to the highest level of physical fitness possible. Continue Reading